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196lbs (89kg), 6' 1" (187cm)

I am serious to find You. Looking for a sweet lady for rest of life. I dont smoke, drink and also never doing drugs. You too. And both living very healthy - no illness nor complications. Stable mind. Funny too :-) I have been living in several countries globally and member of top management in global companies. But also founded smaller companies myself. Today I run a company advicing / consulting company. You must be good to listen and help in daily life. You are clever. No tattoos. No piercing.100% Healthy life style. You must like to cook and run the home in a good way. You like to talk with me :-) and do at least a few activities like for example swimming. My house here is 40 meters from ocean. I have a house in Spain too. I am also willing to live near You/Your family. Looking very much forward to hear from You :-) and if You are the correct person for life, we can certainly marry. I will visit You shortly after our correspondance :-) Take care of You :-)

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